Dr. Alexandra LeBlanc - Veterinarian


Dr. Alexandra LeBlanc's first dog, Deuce, taught her about the profound connection people have with their pets and their lasting impact on our lives.

Even as a child, she was drawn to animals, so it’s no surprise her lifelong dream was to be a veterinarian. Her desire to help animals continued to develop through years of volunteer work with shelters during high school and college, eventually leading to work at a veterinary hospital before her acceptance at Colorado State University for her doctorate in 2020.

Although there was a brief period when she wanted to be a professional soccer player, Alexandra quickly realized that veterinary medicine would bring her true fulfillment. However, that brief stint in soccer was how she met her husband, and she will forever be grateful for how it brought them together.

After receiving her doctorate, Dr. LeBlanc and her husband decided to return to Texas to be close to their families. Currently, they have three dogs and two cats, who serve as a reminder of the immense trust placed in her by her patients and the people who love them. She is honored to serve her community and looks forward to the relationships she develops with clients as they work together to ensure all their family members are treated with compassion and respect.